Monroe Piercing Gum Recession

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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 3:09 AM

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I have been considering getting a monroe piercing, and before I get any piercing I do TONS of research on it to make sure I am fully prepared and know all the risks. Right now, I only have my nose and several ear piercings, including an industrial, rook, and tragus.

Anyways, my main question is how big of a risk is gum recession with a monroe piercing with a 16g flat back labret stud? In my research I found that proper placement and correctly sized jewelry play a big factor. I also read that bioplast jewelry and even putting a bit of dental braces wax on the back of the stud can help minimize the risk. I read in anther comment how you don’t recommend bioplast, and I definitely want to make sure I’m doing the healthiest things for my piercing. I’ll be turning 16 in a couple weeks, and still have yet to convince both parents, but I want to make sure that before I decide 100% that I know what I’m getting into. Thanks!

Firstly, its GREAT that you have done research into it first. The chance of gum recession is something that should be taken seriously, however you are totally correct - a proper placement and correct downsizing is the best thing to reduce the risk.

I personally always recommend a correctly fit (preferably┬átitanium) over anything else. It can’t come out anywhere as easy as bioplast/ptfe/bioflex and most importantly has a flat back (not convex), which means it won’t have one single point where it will rub against your gums.

I often downsize the back disc (using internally threaded 3-piece jewellery) to a 4mm back after healing, which also┬ádrastically┬áreduces discomfort and erosion - however isn’t that great for a fresh piercing as it can dig into your lip.

Hope this helps and have a great birthday!

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One Response to “Monroe Piercing Gum Recession”

  1. I have nothing against piercings, but I have problems with gum recession and I have to tell you that NOTHING is worth risking your gums. Please seriously consider NOT doing any damage to them…even if you think you it will be ok, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Gum recession is forever even with grafts! Good luck!

    Angi on June 2nd, 2012 at 9:57 am

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