Over 8 months hypertropic scar on tragus!

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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 2:46 AM

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Hi guys,

I’ve been struggling with this stupid effin hypertropic scar on my ear for almost 1 year one. In fact, I merely have a few weeks before it reaches 1 year (last day of May). I’ve tried tea tree oil, witch hazel, sea salt soaks, and the whole effin 9 yards to no avail. It goes up and down, up and down and sometimes it appears to be completely gone. Maybe I’m not as consistent as I should be?

The other day I decided to dab a little tea tree oil on it and it is just mad at my ass; therefore, I know I should just avoid tea tree oil.

I need some advice. SOS!



There can be a number of solutions to hypertropic scar tissue, everybody reacts differently to them and not all of work for everyone. Saying that, there is normally a single reason to WHY it is forming - and that should be your first focus.

Try and figure out if you are sleeping on it, getting it caught or snagged (hair is often a big problem here), knocking it (with ear buds, etc) or perhaps your jewellery is not correct for healing. I would suggest to force your self to sleep on the other side by wearing sunglasses to bed (seriously) or even a baseball cap, with the brim towards the piercing. This should help you to reduce nightly aggravation and then go with whatever hypertropic scar reduction technique worked best for your body.

Personally I do warm chamomile tea bag soaks on my scar tissue with fantastic result, but like I said - everyone reacts differently to different methods. What ever you do, stay the hell away from witch hazle or tea tree oil!

I would also make a trip into your piercer and get them to check out what jewelley you have in, if its too tight (short) it can make it worse. I always use 14g (16g is also fine) ‘labret’ style posts for tragus piercings, it ensures a nice fit without the pressure of a ring. If you have anything else in there, I would get it swapped quick smart.

Best of luck on your scar reduction journey!

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