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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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My lobes are currently at 5/8″. I’ve been very bad and stretched fast. I started stretching 7 months ago. I tried to go to 3/4″ with thin silicone 2 weeks ago. I managed to get one tunnel in, but I was too scared to put the other one in. I need to know how thin is TOO thin? How can I tell if my lobe is about to rip in half?

I have tapers now, I just need to know if it’s safe.

Couple quick things here first, stretching your ears requires patience and care. Going for the cheapest option is never a good idea, especially when it involves tapers or silicone.

I would strongly suggest to go into a professional piercing studio and chat to them about your thin spot - without pictures, its too hard to tell.

Slow and steady wins the race and always go into a professional studio for jewellery and stretching, if you are not familiar with the processes you might damage your ears more.

Basically you should only stick to surgical steel/titanium/glass for stretching and only go up when your body is ready for the next size. Jumping too big or going up to quickly will most likely ruin your ears.

Saying that - you can thicken up your tissue, again with more patience. By taking out your jewellery for a week or two (letting them shrink up) and massing them every day with jojoba oil (or Emu Oil if you can get it) will promote more blood circulation to the area and in turn thicken them up. As you SLOWLY stretch back up to the size you were at, you will notice that your lobes will feel thicker and healthier - this is because you are promoting the natural growth of collagen in your lobes.

Do the yo-yo stretching technique (up and down, while oiling) over a number of months before you decide to try and get to your goal size.

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