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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

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6 days ago I got a vertical industrial through my inner conch and under the rook. Each cleaning I notice that it hurts more. After this last cleaning (I am lucky to have my boyfriend clean it) I was in tears. It is so sensitive and aches and throbs constantly. IB proufin lasts an hour if I am lucky. It is still pretty swollen and bruised. I have had several other piercings, and I dont think any of them were this bad afterward, especially at almost a week. I have also noticed slight pains in my jaw, near my ear. I know the signs of infection and such, and it appears to be doing fine. I am just wondering how long the pain is going to be so intense. I know it is different for everyone, and I am a bit of a wussy, but this is seriously the most painful piercing I have gotten. My piercer recommended against salt soaks because he found people were drying out their piercings. But I wonder if they would help for now…..

Everybody swells and heals very differently, so its hard to tell. Swelling in the ear (really anything on your face) can cause swelling of the lymph nodes and jaw and is quite normal. It can also be a sign that your jewellery may be too short (the top one looks a little snug in the picture).

I very strongly suggest you only do saline soaks on your new piercings, however make sure that you rinse off the excess saline after a soak (showering after works great). Keeping your saline in the fridge during your inflammation cycle can really help with the discomfort also.

Make sure that once your two seperate piercings are fully healed and you are ready to get one long bar in there, that it is slightly curved (to comopensate for the natural curve of your ear and the piercings) to ensure they don’t get angry and possibly scar up.

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