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Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:30 PM

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My daughter would like to have an industrial/scaffold (ear cartilage) piercing. A friend who was trained in piercing said the best jewelry for her to wear while healing would be two separate pieces, vs the one barbell through both. Is this true? Should I have her wear two captive bead hoops until healed and then allow her to put in the one, long barbell?

For years I would only use two separate pieces to do this piercing and it worked well. Now I almost always use the actual industrial barbell itself for the initial piercing and have great results.

I would say you should leave it up to your piercer, they will know best what they are comfortable with and you will get the best results trusting them.

Its good to see parents taking an active interest in their child’s piercings, keep it up.

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