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Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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I’ve been reading quite a few of the questions previously asked and have not found anything related to my question, but if I missed it by all means refer me there =).

I have had my left rook pierced for just over a year now and it has not healed yet. I clean it regularily and have tried just about everything to make it happy. I”ve tried changing the jewellery in it to see if that’s the problem (i’ve tied straight bars, curved bars, and circular ones).

Mostly I’m wondering what’s the general healing time for this type of piercing, and what type of jewellery is best for it to cause less irritation.

Thanks for your help!

I professionally very rarely put ANYTHING in a rook except a 14g (or 16g is fine also) curved internal thread titanium barbell. It ensures the least amount of pressure (especially on the top) and lets you clean it easily without aggravation (like a ring turning).

Make sure you aren’t sleeping on the piercing and you are cleaning it with normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner) as many other aftercare solutions can aggravate even a fully healed piercing.

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