Streching ears past 25mm

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Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:50 PM

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have any advice about stretching ears up past 25mm? I can’t seem to find tapers past 25mm size, and I’d like to stretch my ears up to probably about 30mm. What do you use to do this exactly, just pull on your ears a lot jewellry in, or use some implements around the house??

Thanks a lot

While stretching to 50mm I used a combination of weights, pulling on them and teflon tape. You dont need a lot of weight to make a difference. I just wore a set of eyelets and had a couple of large circular barbells that i would hang in them. When i was almost ready for my next stretch I would wrap some teflon tape(white plumbers tape) around my plugs and that would get me that extra fraction of a MM i needed to get me there.

Remember always take your time, never force the stretch.

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