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Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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sooo with time I found out that I’m allergic to Silicon, Nitrile and NOW Acyclic…

My ears are 5/8 in size and I always wear wood, stone or glass plugs.

I got these hot pink acrylic plugs on my recent trip to LA. I put them in annnd my ears blew up like a balloon.

that was two days ago and I left my ears naked and took some advil. It’s been a busy 2 days so I didn’t have time to ice them down or anything - cause It’s been rush rush rush due to my life job.

Today I have my day off and one of them is still chunky and peeling now :s ( not as horrible as before)

any tips on how to help it go down some more?

also, incase I have another reaction to something, what are the best tips I can have to treat my ears ASAP.

thanks :)

I feel that nearly everyone has a form of allergy to silicon and acyclic, as they are both porous materials. Some people can get away with them for years and then have serious problems, some people can’t even wear them for an hour (like myself) without them swelling up and going crazy.

Just like any allergy, stay away from what your body doesn’t like - stick to surgical steel, titanium, glass or organics (wood and stone)  jewellery to be safe. If you do get a reaction (like you mentioned) the best thing to do is just take them out and leave them ‘naked’ for a week or two (until it fully clears up).

You can do cold saline soaks to help dry out the pissed off fistula, but make sure you never ever pick at any scabs or wear jewellery before they are 110% settled in.

Oiling your ears with jojoba oil (or Emu oil, if available in your country) daily will also help them to not flare up like that (sometimes even with jewellery that you have previously reacted to). I would still stay the hell away from ANYTHING that reacts with your body, just to be on the safe side.

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