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Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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I stretched my left ear lobe on January 21st from 7/16 to 1/2 inch. It’s been at 7/16 for over 5 years but had a lot of scar tissue around it from making a dumb stretching attempt 11 years ago. After the stretching, my ear was swollen for a few days but then I must have rolled onto it in my sleep because I woke up one morning with a blow out and a lot of discharge. I’ve kept the 1/2 inch plug in and have been doing salt soaks and cleaning it with antibacterial soap in the shower. It has been over a month and the inside of the lobe is still bright red and has discharge. I’m wondering if there is any hope that the tissue will heal (I don’t care if it heals with the blow out) or if the only way to heal the tissue is to downsize.

My suggestion would be to leave them naked, no jewellery AT ALL for a couple months. Massage the tissue with a fine quality oil, like jojoba oil/vitamin E oil/Emu oil.

If it is a blow out, it should go slowly back down over time and you will have to be very careful how you stretch in the future to stop it coming back again.

Oiling daily is a very important part of having stretched ears, it keeps them happy and healthy and lets them relax much quicker (letting you stretch quicker).

You could also try stretching smaller increments, either by getting 1mm step single flare tunnels - or using PTFE tape (plumbers tape). Wrap around 1/4-1/2mm over your tunnels, oil em up and pop em in. It should never EVER hurt to go in and will let you go up over a couple weeks nice and slow.

Good luck with your stretching and remember, if they get pissy - take em out! Don’t risk creating a nasty blow out.

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