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Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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I’m currently looking into strecthing my ear up to a 10ga. And I have a couple of questions. I’m sorry if they’ve been asked before.

1) I’m at a standard earlobe size, but the smallest guage jewerly I’ve found online is 14ga. I could put a couple of standard studs in my holes over night to strech them a bit. What should I do?

2)Should I use tapers to get them to this size? Or when should I start useing them?

Thank you. :)

I always think your best is to always get a piercer to stretch up your lobes. They will be able to sterilize the jewellery (correctly) and give you good advice as you are going up.

You have two options really. You could go straight to 10g (with a needle) and just get it all over and done with - this will be quicker and easier, but will take longer to heal.

Your second option would be to go to 14g, wait 3-4 weeks, go to 12g, wait 3-4 weeks and then finally go to 10g. You should only go up in size as your lobe is ‘ready’ for it, so not too tight and it should NEVER hurt.

As a general rule, stay the hell away from plastic tapers. They are not good for stretching, are bad material and you can cause a blow-out WAY too easily. I prefer to stretch with color-front glass plugs they are cheap, really rounded so easy to stretch with and they also come in very small increments for smooth stretching.

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