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Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

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i have something in mind , i haven’t really seen anyone with it so i dont know if it is possible. i have asked around a few places that do implants but never really received much information.

i would like to have a set of 3 transdermal implants (not micro dermal) something that can take a bit of jewellery.

for the most part i just want three stud like implants that run down the outside of my upper arm starting about an inch off the tip of my shoulder and spacing about an inch apart, the top one bigger the middle slightly smaller and the last one about half the size of the first.

i want to be able to unscrew these the way spikes on head implants can be changed , and wear (on occasion) pieces that are custom made somewhere between a bracelet and a dangling belling ring .

also to screw on larger light weight beaten metal plates or shields .

not unlike (but not exactly like) the royo paintings i have attached, in fact many Royo girls feature these implants and piercings

what i am wondering is , is it possible , on this part of the body ? what kind of jewellery would i (once healed) be able to wear , even the prospect of having precious and semi precious stones set into tops i can screw in for say formal occasion, would satisfy .

is this something i would have more success with say horizontal set along the top of my shoulder blade?

as i said i haven’t really seen anything in flesh like i want but this could be because it isn’t possible

if however it can be done , what exactly would i be in store for ?

if successful it is something i would also consider in place of a surface piercing on my chest (centre) in order to again wear more dangle? or custom made pieces where piercing or micro dermal would not keep or offer change of jewellery

thanks in advance - sorry if i got it out in a round about way . i basically just want holes in my body i can screw cool jewellery into that no once else can wear ..

Transdermals are a funny body modification. They are super cool, however they will often flare up and down even once fully healed. Wearing light weight (custom titanium would be ideal) ‘armour’ like pieces would be fine, once you have had them for quite some time and they are fully settled in.

For healing you are generally best to wear ‘healing posts’, which are pretty much just rounded extenders on the base with an o-ring to allow for plenty of swelling.

Transdermals are generally considered to have 20% (or even less) chance of sucessfully healing on your body, most of which depends on your body and location.

Taking locations, arms and legs can be a difficult thing to heal as they move around all the time and are prone to bumps/knocks. Think every time you wear a shirt, the seam can rub against and aggravate them - not to mention snagging them while walking through a door or brushing past someone on the street.

My suggestion, before you get the transdermals, is to try out anchors in the spots you were thinking. Some peircers will be able to offer quite large bases for you - which can take quite a bit of knocking over a normal base. You will be able to see how you like wearing them day to day and see if you find yourself knocking them.

In theory, you could try and wear larger custom attachments (even with magnetic tops, which exist) and see how they go. If they flare up, but you still love them, you can do transdermals right over the top of them.

I have only really seen one body modification artist do arm transdermals with good success and that would be Steve Haworth as seen in his DVD “Flesh and Blood”.

Make sure, as always, to ask to see HEALED pictures of anything you are wanting to get done by your artist before you decide on what to get and who to get it done by.

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