transscrotal ?s

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Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:30 AM

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im interested in gettin this done, however not sure of where to go or who to trust to do this procedure. i live near raleigh, nc. i have been to 1 plave to get other genital piercings done and the guy has a lot of certificates on the wall for suspensions, brandings and others. i have not talked to him about it tho. i have said something to a guy who use to work for him when i got my dydoes and frenum done he said he has not but the owner will know more. the owner has done my RPA and is the only 1 i havnt talked to about it yet was gettin more info about the procedure, since when i asked the 1st time i was unclear about it. do u know of some1 in my arera who has expirence in this

Transcrotals are a very difficult procedure to do and need to be done just right, or you can have serious complications.

I had mine done by (Howie), he has a lot of his work featured in the BME hard galleries and travels around the world doing body modification.

I would personally suggest to message him personally on his site and see when he will be near your area.

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