Labret / Vertical Labret / Standard Lip Piercing?

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Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:42 AM

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i would like a centered lip piercing with the top ball of my piercing flesh between the top and bottom lip when i have my mouth closed and the bottom ball right beneath my bottom lip, basically touching the lip line, not on my chin.

okay, now here comes the long list of questions..

- people have always told me i have a tiny mouth so i’ve included a picture of my lips. do you think they would be suited for a vertical labret? if not..

- is there a way to achieve that look with a piercing that does not run as high of a risk for migration? like a standard lip piercing (is there such a thing? or is the correct term labret?) with a horseshoe ring?

- i get cold sores somewhat frequently (1 every few months) will this cause the piercing to migrate or scar easily?

thank you very much <3

I don’t think I’ve ever met a lip that couldn’t be pierced vertically, you have cute lips which would look fantastic with a piercing in!

If a vertical is done correctly (at a good depth) and not too thin, it heavily reduces the chance of migration or rejection. Saying that, constant aggravation can cause the piercing to very slowly move forwards (making it appear ‘thinner’). I don’t think that colds will make it migrate, however having a low immune system during the healing can cause scaring and increases the chance of rejection (where your body pushes it out quiet quickly).

I would suggest to take vitamin tablets well before you are thinking of getting it done and perhaps choose a time where you rarely get sick (like during summer, for instance).

You could also achieve nearly the same look with a ‘normal’ high up lip piercing and wearing a well fit CBB (ring with two balls). You would want to get it done with a straight bar and only change it over to a tight ring after a few months at least, to avoid it digging in and causing discomfort.

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