VCH/triangle combo, can’t see the inside of my vch piercing.

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Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 10:36 AM

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I recently (approximately a week ago) got my vch and triangle piercing done and am only experiencing pain getting out of bed. Is it normal to not be able to find the inside ball to the vch piercing. It seems that even when I get a mirror out to do an inspection, I can not see the inside ball. I am concerned as to whether or not my piercer pierced me “shut” when he did the horizontal piercing or if this is attributed to swelling. Any help would be most definitely appreciated. I was pierced with a 16g curved barbell on my vch, and a 16g captive bead with the triangle, though upon further inspection this seems more like a hch than a triangle. :-(

I was a little concerned up on reading this. First of all I think both these are too thin, and it sounds like your piercer does not have very much experience in correct genital piercing placement.

It sounds like they have just done a low hch or horizontal hood. A triangle goes in a “hollow” space underneath the clitoris shaft, which suitability should have been tested by your piercer. It should be pierced no thinner than 12 or 10g and you MUST have a very specific structure to be suited to this piercing.

My recommendation would be to go to an experienced piercer right now and they will most likely remove the hch and change the jewelery in the vch (that sounds a little short) if that has been placed correctly.

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