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Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

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I got the piercing three days ago, and was just wondering if there is anything that I can do for my chapped lips. I have been drinking nothing but water since I got the piercing, and they are still really chapped. Is there any sort of chap stick that would be safe to use around the piercing??

I actually had the exact same thing when I had mine done (many moons ago now) and because of that, we now include a section in our after care sheets. It is very normal to happen, especially because normal saline solution (the recommended cleaning agent) is literally salt water - which dries your lips out real bad.

I suggest to use a natural balm like Lucas Papaw Ointment, however I think this may be an Australian thing. Any balm would work, but avoid flavoured/scented ones as they could react with the piercing. Remember to never get any ‘inside’ the piercing, as you want to keep that dry, but just on your lips where they are sore and dry. Try your hardest not to lick your lips either or it will make it worse and will irritate the piercing.

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