Tongue web piercing?

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Friday May 4th, 2012 @ 7:43 AM

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I had my tongue web pierced in late August. Healing was very easy, I never had a problem with it. Over the past month or so however, it did get irritated, I’d just rinse with saline and baby it a little.

Last week I realised, after it feeling very tight, it had grown up the bar at a very fast rate, to the barbell ends.

I had a difficult time removing it due to the tightness, but I felt it would be best when it was uncomfortable.

I’ve searched up on the internet a bit, but I can’t really find what happened. I’m very confused.

Sounds like you had too short of a bar in there to allow for swelling throughout the entire healing, or if it was fully healed then you may have aggravated it somehow. Often food can get stuck inside oral piercings, it’s normally very minimal and your body ‘pushes’ it out - however in some rare cases it can cause it to puff up heaps and embed the balls.

Always rock a slightly longer bar than ’snug’ in an oral piercing, just in the case that it does swell up a bit randomly.

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