Clitoral Piercing and Pumping

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Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 6:42 AM

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I’ve sent in photos to be evaluated and I’m apparently suitable for a clitoral piercing. My question is, I also wanted to start pumping. How do you tell what length jewelry to wear if you get a clitoral piercing and plan on pumping?

Jewellery size would depend mostly on your anatomy, your piercer will be able to judge exactly what length will be best for initial healing and swelling.

Depending on how much you pump, you may need to put a larger diamater/length piece in before a session so it does not dig in and cause damage. Again, this size would totally depend on your anatomy.

Make sure you get it done by an experienced piercer who has done the procedure before and has HEALED pictures in their portfolio to show you.

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