Transgender clitoris piercing?

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Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 4:59 AM

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So I’m transsexual (FTM) and have been on testosterone for nearly three years. As such, my clitoris has grown to the point where it’s at least an inch and a half long. I have heard that the reason most folks don’t do clitoris piercings is sheer lack of space/support. Would this be a non-issue in my case?

Clitoral piercings are very rare for a number of issues, mostly because most people’s anatomy can not suit it. It sounds like you would be able to get it done, however keeping in mind there is a considerable risk of permanent damage to the nerves in that area. You could loose all sensation from the area, as a worst case situation.

I strongly suggest to find an experienced piercer to perform this for you, ask for a consultation first and make sure that they have a HEALED portfolio of the same or similar procedures they have performed in the past.

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