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Monday May 7th, 2012 @ 3:03 AM

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Hi guys!

I’m preparing for my first real piercing.

The only piercing I’ve ever had was my lobes, which were pierced by a gun (GUNS ARE BAD.) when I was five, so this new piercing is pretty exciting.

I’m having my dahlias pierced. I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ve found a good facility (Friendly staff, autoclave etc.) so I’m just waiting for my pay to come in (My workplace is totally cool with piercings.) so I can trot out and have it done.

My real question here is pretty basic; does anybody have any experience of piercing dahlias (Actual piercers only, I don’t care if you bought a needle online and pierced your friend’s dahlias, that’s a different thing.) or does anybody have their dahlias pierced? If so, is there any extra info I should know?

I gather they carry the same risks as a labret piercing (I hope that’s the right name, I know some people don’t like certain names being used for some piercings. I’m a little ignorant on that front.) and they’re generally fitted with labret jewellery.

As they’re my first facial piercing, I’m just looking for all the tip[s and info I can get to ensure I’ve covered all bases.

My parents and workplace are cool with the piercing, I’m going to a professional, I’ve got my non-alcoholic mouthwash at the ready and I’ve even done a few tests (I photoshopped them onto some of my photos to see if I’d suit them, and almost everybody said they looked great on me.) to make sure I’ll definitely be happy with them.

All tips and info are appreciated!

I have done a few sets of Dahilas in my studio before and find that they are more like cheek piericings in many ways. They do take longer to heal, require longer (and thicker) jewellery than labrets and can be more problamatic during the healing.

I pierced my girlfriend’s Dahlias around 6 months ago at 12g with 13mm length internal thread titanium ‘labret’ style bars (disc on the inside. She found them quite comfortable to get done (except a bit anxious before hand) and we downsized them to 10mm bars around 5 weeks later. They weren’t fully healed at that point, however she was biting them a bit and we decided it would be way more comfortable.

She now wears 12gx8mm posts and has had no problems whatsoever.

As always, ask the piercer you found if they have HEALED photos in their portfolio and ask what length/gauge they used on them fresh and healed. Being a much rarer piercing than a normal lip, make sure you see someone that is familiar with the tissue and the correct inside placement.

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