Semi-permanent Tooth Gems??

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Monday May 7th, 2012 @ 3:03 AM

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As a piercer, im trying to bring more options of body modifications to my studio. Another local shop has been provideing Teeth gems. I went to this shop and had there procedure done to 2 of my teeth. and they have lasted 16 months. I currently purchased a kit to apply these teeth gems, which seemed to appear to be the leading company. Thus far i have applied 5 gems, and all 5 the gems have fallen off leaving behind the metal plate it was attached too. Therefore meaning it is not my applying the gem, but this companys product. Does anyone have any idea who has a better product than Sparklers or Smilegems?? When the other shop applied mine, that have lasted over a year, they used a black light/UV-esk laser light…unfortunatly this studio wont share there information on who they order through…ANY HELP???

It was quite a while ago that I did these, however I remember I applied some of the glue ‘over’ the gem tops also. This not only really held them in place, but it also protected my clients lips from the usually sharp gems.

You can pretty much use any fashion gems (often they are sold to stick on finger nails), however I would suggest to take a photo of your busted ones and demand a refund/replacement on them.

I’ve also cut (and polished) the thread off a 3mm dermal top and glued it in - worked a treat!

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