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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 11:04 PM

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I am attending college, and as of now I have a research paper due and I need to interview someone who has experienced this. I have experminted with suspension, I just want to see if any one on here is willing to state there opinion on this?? if u can it would help alot thanks!

State their opinion on suspension? Thats a bit broad of a question. Do you want to discuss how it can utterly change your life, opening up doors to yourself that you never knew? How it can completely be an amazing release and allowing you to regain yourself? How it can test your own strength and show you your true merit? Do you want to discuss procedures and techniques? The current trends in the community? Sadly there is too broad a topic given, except i will say this… suspension is the greatest thing that i have ever experienced in my entire life.
As for finding people to interview, you are always welcome to email myself ([email protected]) but you can also find many other like minded individuals right here on IAM. Make some friends here and i assure you, youll have no lack of interview material.

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