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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 5:19 AM

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My body has shown an affinity for keloiding. I am having a large keloid removed from my ear as a result of a professional piercing there. My doctor recommends I don’t get any more piercings, and have surgery when it is a matter of life or death only. He seems quite insistent, which makes me very sad. I am hoping that someone in the BME community will give me some hope of continuing my many body modification plans. Is there anything can do to minimize the chance of keloiding? Any tattoo artists or piercers (in the northwest us, hopefully) that specialize in such a thing? Of course the chances can’t be completely 0, there will always be some risk, but isn’t that at least part of the fun of this subculture? Any and all advice is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading and replying.

As keloiding is a genetic inherited condition, there isn’t very much that you ‘can do’ to make it not happen.

Saying that, many people prone to keloids have had mods done with good success. You could also look at getting scarification done and embrace your super scar nature!

As far as mods go, its a legal grey area in most places (especially America) and most artists won’t publicly announce that they do it. My suggestion would be to go to a few local reputable piercing studios and ask them if they know anyone who has done heavy stuff done in the area and go from there.

As always, make sure that you chat to your body mod artist before getting anything done. Make sure you are 100% happy with their healed portfolio and ask them if they have had experience with keloiding clients before.

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