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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 4:42 AM

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I had my lobes pierced at 4ga just over four weeks ago (Sept 3rd). They were done with a needle, followed by single flared tunnels. I am aware that fresh piercings of this size take longer to heal than typical lobes but I am concerned with the fact that I am still cleaning off bits of blood from behind my ears after my sea salt soaks (twice daily). In addition, I am finding a lot of yellowish build up mixed in with the blood.

Should I still be seeing blood at this point or are my lobes just not healing?

Often the little yellow crusties are similar to scabs on a cut - if you pick at them, it doesn’t get a chance to heal.

The white/yellow fluid is most certainly lymphatic fluid, which is totally normal during healing and if the piercing is fresh or has been aggravated recently. I would suggest to keep doing your 2x daily warm saline soaks to promote blood circulation and speed up the rest of the healing.

Make sure that your o-rings aren’t too tight against your ear either, they can cause irritation and also get stuck to your ear with crusties.

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