Infected Piercing

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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 3:01 AM

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4 days ago, I got a lip piercing, and my lip has been swollen and painful since. It seems like both sides is digging in my lip, and there a bit of infections. Though I do what the guy who pierced me told me to do. I rince my mouth with alchool free mouth wash. Then i spray clean it with the stuff he gave me (Blue Wave), then i clean it with Sea salt in warm water.

But it seems to be getting deeper in my skin everyday..

It is very doubtful that your lip is infected - more likely bar bar is just too short.

Go into your piercer RIGHT AWAY and get a longer bar put in. You are doing all your aftercare correct, however some people swell more than others.

The up-size is nearly always free if you go back to your piercer, but if you leave it too long - it can grow over and become a very nasty thing to try and fix.

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