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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 3:52 AM

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I got my septum done about a month ago, and the left side of it has been always more swollen than the right… And today i just woke up with this terrible oozing, painful bump on my right side!! I’ve been cleaning it with saline solution and only washing it with antibacterial soap more often because i was pretty sure i had an infection… I’ve also been putting neosporin on it a bit more just because of the pain. I really want to be able to keep my septum, so what should I do about this bump? And what is it? I know I havent exactly been doing all the right things.. like i had to flip it up a lot during its first days of healing and I still do, because my parents just dont want to see it. Will it ever heal correctly? Its been such a long time and it feels like its only getting worse.. my right side also had a lining of white around the ring, but there is no bump.. Please tell me what I should do about this horrendous infection.. :/

The good news is that its not an infection, its a large hypertropic scar build up. It can be caused from flipping it up and down too often during healing (best to either leave it up or leave it down), however I think it may be caused from your piercing being too low.

You have a ’sweet spot’ in your nose, where the septum should be placed. Its the thinnest little bit of soft tissue that you can feel when pinching it, too high or too low (in your case) and it passes through too much hard tissue and can be very problematic to heal.

My suggestion would be to go to a reputable piercing studio, get them to take it out and get it re-done again in the correct spot.

If you want to try and heal it, I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea compression soaks on it twice a day. Do it as part of your after care to relieve the scar tissue and promote blood circulation and ’soften’ the scar tissue. You should also make sure that you don’t touch it or flip it up, as this will just make it worse - leave it down until its FULLY healed.

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