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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 3:55 AM

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My girlfriend wants me to get a PA for some kinky stuffs we’re into, but I’m young, and assuming this isn’t the last relationship of my life, I’d like to have the option to not have it anymore at some point in the future. So, I’m wondering if there’s a maximum gauge I should stay under to give me the best chance of the hole closing eventually, or maybe a maximum time I can have the piercing before it becomes truly permanent.

Any piercing, once healed, will always leave a hole. How small or large this hole depends on a number of factors, namely the elasticity of your body and how long you have it in for. Some guys find that years later, they still ‘dribble’ out of their PA holes and some find that it shrinks nearly to nothing.

I would suggest to not do it thinner than a ‘normal’ size (I do them minimum at 8g) to make sure it doesn’t have problems during healing. You could also wear a low profile curved barbell in it later (stopping it from ‘getting in the way’) or just let it shrink up as much as its going to.

My suggestion would be to not get anything done that you don’t want done. Saying that, men have done much worse to make a lady happy. :)

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