Re-Pierced Monroe, infected or not?

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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 4:45 AM

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I just recently got my monroe re-pierced at a shop called Inferno. I’ve been brushing my teeth 3+ times a day, gargling with a alcohol free mouthwash, and I bought a cleaner from a tattoo shop that I can internally and externally rinse with, but it’s been about a week and my lip is still oozing and crisping on the outside. I had to change the labret the second day because the previous one had a backing that was way too thin and was cutting into my lip, so I disinfected my previous labret and put that one in instead. Right now though, my lip burns a little on the inside. It just feels bruised and really warm on the inside, I haven’t been touching it with my tongue much, just to check in how it is doing. It doesn’t hurt at all as much as it did, but I got sick this week and had a fever and I’m a little worried that it may be because of my piercing. I’m getting better, and my lip seems to be better, but if anyone could tell me a little information to comfort my tummy and mind, and maybe give me some ideas on how to make it better, that would be great.

I would say not to be too stressed out, it doesn’t sound infected at all - just healing. Chances are your body was focusing on healing the piercing and lowered your immune system which let a little flu or something get through.

I would recommend to go back to your piercer and let them have a quick look at the inside, just to make sure nothing is going on. Although changing the bar to a larger back (I only use 5mm backs for initial lip piercings) was a good move, its always recommended to let your piercer change it - that way you know its been autoclaved (properly sterilized).

Keep not touching it, that is a really good way to build up scar tissue and can stop the piercing from healing correctly.

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