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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 10:37 AM

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So my left ear lobes is becoming quite thin. I heard about fat injections and wanted to know if it would be to my advantage to get fat injections into my earlobe.

As far as injections go, there are no really ’safe’ things you can inject into your lobes to make them thicker.

You can naturally thicken up your tissue, by taking out your jewellery for a week or two (letting them shrink up) and massing them every day with jojoba oil (or Emu Oil if you can get it) will promote more blood circulation to the area and in turn thicken them up. As you SLOWLY stretch back up to the size you were at, you will notice that your lobes will feel thicker and healthier - this is because you are promoting the natural growth of collagen in your lobes.

Oiling daily is a very important part of having stretched ears, it keeps them happy and healthy and lets them relax much quicker (letting you stretch quicker).

Try swapping to oiled woods, especially while you sleep (or sleep with them out). This will also help you to naturally thicken them up.

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