thin,ear tear help!?

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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 5:07 AM

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i just found a tear in my ear im at 32mm

i did not notice until yesterday that it was there

the thinner part is sore and kind of black

i have no idea what actions to take or how to go about doing anything

i massage daily with Jojoba oil

what should i do?

These sort of things usually build up for a while before becoming that bad, often its caused from low quality jewellery (silicone/plastics) or from not oiling your wood jewellery before wearing it. If you have been oiling with Jojoba oil (a fun oil to say and a fun oil to use!) then you really should have noticed something funny going on earlier.

You should remove your jewellery (and leave it out) IMMEDIATELY as not to make the situation worse. I would leave it the hell alone for at least a month and then see either a plastic surgeon or a body modification artist to get the thin bit repaired.

Often a trained specialist will be able to remove the offending thin and damaged spot and re-connect it leaving only healthy tissue. You will have a scar line and your chance of it thinning out in the future is increased, however anything is better than having a dying bit of your ear hanging on for dear life.

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