Would a nose piercing look okay?

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Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 2:59 AM

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I’ve had this bump on my nose since I was like 13 (I’m 20) and I want to get my nose pierced on the right side, the side with the bump, since my left tragus is pierced and I don’t want all my jewelry to be on one side of my face. My question is, do you think it would look okay, or would the bump distract from the piercing, or draw attention to itself or something?

Also, I have semi-big pores and get a lot of blackheads on my nose, is this going to interfere with the healing process? I feel silly asking this but I couldn’t find anything else similar to this on here.


I wouldn’t worry about the ‘bump’ at all, I can’t even see it in the picture! Often people get piercings close to areas of their body they don’t like as much, thus taking the attention off their imperfections and onto the lovely new shiny jewellery!

I’m a guy with multiple nose piercings, I also have quite large pores and have never had a problem during healing. If you were worried about it, you could do a treatment (like a strip) on it a week or so before getting it pierced, but I have never heard of anyone having issues with them.

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