Unilateral infection on double tongue piercings?

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Friday May 11th, 2012 @ 3:32 PM

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I have had double tongue piercings (venoms) for about 8 years now without any real problems. Two days ago I woke up and realized the right side of my tongue was sore from being pressed against my teeth because it was swollen. I figured I must have been a bit dehydrated. It took until the next day to realize that the real problem is my tongue is very swollen and sore around the right piercing. The left side and piercing are totally fine. Usually I’m the past if my piercings were irritated, they both were.

So I’m wondering what’s going on and what to do. The right piercing (10g and 1/2″‘ which is the right length for me with my small mouth) is a bit sore, but not inflamed or producing pus or warm, or any other sign of infection, just irritated it seems. But I’m not that familiar with what an infected tongue piercing would be like.

What should I do and what are possible reasons for only one side to be affected? I can’t think of anything different lately.

(Also, I have double lip piercings, also well healed for many years, and in the last few months, the left one has flared up twice and become swollen in a similar way, and then gone back after a few days. What could be causing this? I’ve never had problems with these piercings before.)

It sounds like this probably happened in your sleep since you described waking up with the swelling. What you’ve described sounds like a damaged piercing, not an infected one. This could have been something as simple as biting it while you slept or holding it in a position that created a small rip in the piercing.
For the time being you should just baby your piercing to help repair the damage. Sea salt gargles to help with healing and some Biotene to help keep it clean. As long as the piercing is not swelling you don’t need to change the jewelry.

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