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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

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Hi everyone.

I’m a complete newbie to tattoos, I’ve never had one and neither have any of my close friends or family.

Basically, I would like a small to medium sized mermaid tattoo, something coloured, fairly detailed, with maybe a fish or anchor alongside it.

Although I’m not too worried about the design element as I’m fairly artistic and I’m sure I could get the idea across to the artist, I’m worried that I’m being over ambitious about getting a small-ish tattoo that will be detailed and coloured. I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to get a small tattoo if it’s detailed.

I’d prefer it detailed and wouldn’t mind getting it slightly bigger to accommodate the detail but my main question is - where should I get it? It needs to be fairly discreet as I’m planning on having a job where a professional appearance is mandatory (although tattoos are beautiful and should be accepted I’m well aware that there are many employers who are against them.)

I’m only 21 and intend on having children so I know that the breasts, stomach, hip and butt are totally out. I don’t really want to get it on the shoulder blade (although as a last resort I would - just trying to minimise my options here) as I wear a lot of tank tops (vest tops) and I think it would look crappy half covered… I’m very tempted by the centre of the back (as in either the top between the shoulder blades or the bottom of the back). Before anyone yells “TRAMP STAMP” I don’t give a shit, people can think whatever they want.

Does anyone have any advice?

I would very strongly recommend to find an artist that specializes in high detailed work and take their advice to the letter when it comes to size. Doing any tattoo too small will loose detail over time, however when it comes to little details in the face - bigger is ALWAYS better.

As far as placement goes, most artists will recommend a high detail piece on a ‘flat’ piece of skin. Should blade back of the leg are both good spots that you can also easily hide. Ribs also could be an option, however many artists suggest against it for smaller detailed pieces as the tissue is difficult to work and it will distort more with your bodies natural movements.

Your best bet would be to shop around and find a good reputable high detailed specialist in your area, make sure you check out their work first and be certain that you are 100% confident in their ability to do the piece how you want. Often if you ask for a ‘portraiture artist’ you will be in good hands as they will be able to pull off the high detail required in the piece, especially in the mermaid’s face.

You can always start your search using our 411.BME artist directory for your area.

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