Fakir intensives?

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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:17 PM

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ive dreamed about being a piercer/brander since i was 10, and ive been thinking about it more seriously latly, and have a few questions.

1. is it a hard business to get into without knowing anyone?

2. i was thinking of attending Fakir Intensives, how would you look at a certificate from them if you were an employer? are they worth it and respected (seems yes to me)?

3. is there any other information i should know before i pursue this as a career? im fine blood and everything

We get alot of these questions involving apprenticeships but since you mentioned Fakir I figured I’d help you out.

1. Yes, it can be hard to get into the industry without knowing someone. It is very easy to get to know someone though. Develop a relationship with your piercer by getting pierced, bringing friends to get pierced and just hanging out.

2.Fakir intensives is a wonderful program and a definite gold star when trying to find an apprenticeship. The workshop alone is not enough to start piercing though.

3.There is plenty of information available here on BME on what to expect from an apprenticeship. You should get your first aide/CPR certifications along with a blood borne pathogens class. Hepatitis vaccinations are also a definite must.

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