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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

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Looking to get this done when i return stateside. Didnt see any specific examples in the categories on the site so wondering if anyone has any suggestions of artists who are good at this type of thing. this is just an idea im making it my own using photoshop. but here in israel the average i was getting price wise is $400+. That and the quality you can get from most artists is not that good. So if someone could give me an estimate and suggestions of artists in north/central new jersey or new york who you would reccomend i would greatly appreciate it

We can’t really give quotes through BME, as we are a community site and not a tattoo studio.

I would suggest to check out a couple local studios, specifically asking them for artists that do lots of smooth black and grey work. Ask to see their portfolios and make sure you are 100% happy with their work.

Next step would be to give them a large print off of your design and tell them they can make any alterations they need to, to make it more tattooable. Personally I would suggest to make the skull bigger (to get all the detail in) and either simplify or open up the background, to really let the foreground stand out more. Trust in your artist and take their word as gospel.

If you came into my studio and asked for this, I would suggest it around A4 size to ensure that it looks fantastic and won’t fade - however different artists may feel comfortable doing it smaller (and┬ásimpler) or may want to do it bigger.

If you are looking for a list of local studios, check out our own searchable Artist Directory 411.bmezine!

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