Scarring Inside Nostril

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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

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I got my nostril pierced in January, and have been treating The Bump for a couple weeks now. It seems to be clearing up okay but I recently noticed I’m developing some hypertrophic scarring on the other side of the piercing, inside my nostril. What’s a good way of treating that? It’s too far in to use soaks and I don’t want to irritate the bump on the other side. In case it’s important, I have an 18g glass retainer with an L-shaped bend in it (the initial jewelry).

There are a few reasons why hypertropic scar tissue forms inside of a nostril, as its soft mucus membrane tissue and can happen relatively easily.

Most commonly its caused from irritation - perhaps from the jewellery being so thin. I wouldn’t suggest to stretch it up yet, but once its healed it could be a good idea to ensure that it stays happy and healed (especially if you are changing it back and forth frequently).

I have commonly treated hypertropic scar tissue with warm chamomile herbal tea soaks and found it to be very successful for people - give that a whirl, if you aren’t already. If you simply place the warm tea bag over your nose (holding it on the inside just a little), it will ‘want to’ soak into the tissue and relieve the scar that’s forming. Even just soaking the outside will generate more blood supply to the area and help out lots.

Make sure that you don’t irritate the piercing at all too, you can do heaps of tricks to reduce or get rid of the scar - however none of them will ‘fix’ the causing problem, just fix the scar tissue. Remember to not put makeup anywhere near the piercing, never rotate it or slide the jewellery and be VERY careful not to get it caught!

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