Sudden tear in ear lobe

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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

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I was writing to get an opinion and maybe an answer for my current problem.

I woke up this morning and noticed that my ear had the tiniest ache to it, it felt similar to when I’ve accidentally put my plug in wrong and twisted my earlobe inside out, after a few moments of wearing it like that I can feel that it’s uncomfortable and I of course take it out and put it back in. I took a shower a little while after I got out and wound up taking my plugs out entirely after I’d gotten out of the shower and my ear still felt sore, on closer inspection I saw that my ear had turned red, was warm to the touch and swollen.

I’m completely taken back by this because I haven’t done anything to my ear, I haven’t stretched or changed them out for new plugs, nothing and all I’ve been wearing the past few months is metal and stone.

I’ve done two sea salt soaks now, but I noticed a few moments ago I have a tear in my earlobe, it’s not a major one but it’s definitely good sized and I’m beyond baffled as to why my ear is doing this.

I’m going to do sea salt soaks over the next few days and not wear any plugs, I definitely don’t want to further irritate my ear or make the tear worse.

I was just wondering if this is a common occurrence?

The only thing I can think of is that my puppy nibbled on my earlobe earlier today, or tried to, he didn’t bite it he just tried to nibble at it and lick it.

I can understand that irritating my ear a little, but cause a tear?

I have personally had the EXACT same thing happen to mine only a couple months ago. Normally I sleep with mine out (which is great to do to promote healthy happy lobies), but this time I slept with them in and must have either layed on my actual tunnel or rolled over and pinched the bottom of my ear.

The end result was a decent ‘indent’ from the edge of my flares, which resulted in the same swelling and a scabby line (running along my lobe, not across it).

I think it would be more likely that this was the same cause, rather than your puppy (although animal saliva contains lots of bacteria and nasties).

Your initial reaction was spot on! Remove your jewellery (until FULLY  healed). Keep up with the cold saline soaks to relieve the swelling and dry the little tear up and after a couple weeks (when its FULLY healed and not flakey or scabby) you can slowly  stretch back up.

For me, it took around 4-5 days for the scab to fall off and another couple days to be fully settled back to normal. I stretched back up to my regular size over around a week (mine didn’t shrink much). Make sure not to pick at any scabs (or you will slow your healing) and let em fall off when they are ready.

Try sleeping with your tunnels out too, I find after a good warm shower and a little bit of oil - they slip right back in easy. I used to pop in a size just under my ‘normal’ set while I got dressed and had a coffee, then pop my normal ones in after 20-30mins.

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