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Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

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I’ve got inverted nipples and I’ve been thinking about getting a nipple pierced. I’ve heard that women who have inverted nipples will have this done so that the nipple will become “normal.” However, I love my inverted nipples! Is it possible for me to (safely) get a piercing and keep my nipple inverted? I’ve heard of some of these piercings failing because the nipple either wasn’t coached out or the aureola was pierced instead. My nips aren’t super inverted, they do poke out when I’m goosebumpy or otherwise stimulated. Thanks!

I think it could be nearly impossible to do, to be honest with you. When an inverted nipple is pierced correctly it should as erect as possible, to ensure it doesn’t shallow out in the center. If you were to attempt to intentionally pierce it shallower in the middle, you will find that over time you could begin to see the barbell through the middle and it would most likely eventually reject from the center out.

Alternatively you could do some cute decoration around your areola (outside of your nipple) that doesn’t pass through the actual nipple, like dermal anchors. They will give you a vaguely similar aesthetic and keep your beloved inverted nipples intact and unchanged.

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