Dermal falling out

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Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 1:49 AM

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I have 2 microdermals on the back of my neck, and one of the tops fell off. there’s a thin layer of skin healed over it now but what should i do? go in and get another top put on right away or wait awhile before doing so?

Oh my! I would strongly suggest to go see a piercer this very second! What is happening is your body is trying to encapsulate the entire base and ’seal’ it in, not a good thing.

If you can’t get to a piercer this very moment, you could attempt to get a friend to put the top back on it (assuming you found it). The thin bit of skin covering the top will simply ‘break’ as you screw the top back on. They go on righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Even if its just in a little bit, it will keep it good until you can get a piercer to put it on properly.

If you don’t have the top, you could try to put a 16g externally threaded barbell in there (they are actually the same thread). You will find that it will get caught like crazy, so its only a temporary solution - but better than nothing.

Long story short - go see a piercer (any professional piercer) as soon as you possibly can do get them to pop a top back on. After a short period of time it should return back to normal.

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