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Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 1:49 AM

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I got a dermal on my wrist 9 days ago. It looks (potentially) slightly swollen and is red approx 1/4in around it. There is no pain or discharge associated. Is this normal or early signs of infection and is there anything I should be doing aside from cleaning twice daily with sea salt?

That redness is quite normal for an a dermal anchor and I wouldn’t be worried about infection - just make sure you are not bumping it or getting caught on anything.

You can try icing (10mins on/10mins off) with a clean wrapped cool pack or use an anti-brusing cream AROUND the anchor (not on it) like Hirudoid for Lasonil too.

Don’t stress about it, it should go down within a week - if it gets worse or beings to feel ‘hard’, go to your piercer and get them to examine it further.

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