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Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 6:08 AM

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i understand that with all body modifications, there are risks involved and nothing can be 100% guaranteed to work, thats why i spend alot of time researching and understanding before i get any body mod, i am planning on my subdermal silicone implants (the implants are 1/4′ tall and 2′ wide , hollow heart and star). I have become a little concerned about tissue resorption and a few other things, orginally i was going to place them on the inside of my forarms but after more research im concerned there will be to much movement causing them not the settle bringing the chances of migration, rejection or the implants or Tissue Resorption. My other choice of placement is my hands (permitting my anatomy alows it), Ive done hours of research but cannot find any information about safe placement , im just seeking adive on where the safest, successful place for silicone implants seem to be, and if getting them ontop of my hands is/isnt recommended. Everybodys body is different and it would be hard to say how they will react to me as an individual but in general just looking for some advice, thankyou

I would strongly suggest to find an experienced body modification artist that either works in your area, or travels to your area first. Different peoples skin will require different heights and sizes of implants to work the best (and most importantly safely).

Tissue resoprtion is greatly minimized by using silicone (instead of teflon/titanium/etc) as its much softer and doesn’t ‘wear away’ at the underlying tissue as it sits in its own fistula. Although I have seen it happen before, it usually only occurs at a serious level when the artist puts a piece in way too big for the area.

I personally feel that the implant sizes you said may be too big. I know if you were to place them on the top of your hand they would look like they would fit fine, but implants ‘pick up’ skin on the edges and they will generally look larger in diameter once under the skin. I have seen many artists put way too large peices in areas, especially hands, to make them look cool sooner - however don’t get lured into this trap.

You would rather a happy healthy implant you can have for many many years to come rather than something that may need to be removed after a short period of time for the sake of it looking big within the first couple months.

Again, make sure you are 100% confident with the artist you choose to do your work. Check their HEALED portfolio for good looking healthy implants before you decide and at the end of the day, everyone’s body is different - let your artist feel your skin and tell you their option to placement and size.

If you are looking for a traveling mod artist, I can highly suggest as he has done nearly all of my heavy mods and has been featured on BME for his work a number of times.

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