Slight Apadravya piercing complication

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Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 1:49 AM

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I got this Apadravya piercings in December 2010, so its been about 7 months that I’ve had it. For some reason there is some sort of scab, or growth (although that makes it seem awful, it really doesn’t look that bad) that is coming out from one side, and doesn’t seem to be going away. I have been slightly sexually active, but careful to make sure I have no pain while doing so. I was wondering if this “growth”/scab is something common and part of the healing process, or if it might be a bit more serious. It has been there for quite some time now and I just thought that it would scab over and go away. I am going to see a piercer, but I was wondering if anyone else has heard of something like this, or has any input on this issue.

Most commonly the little lump its caused from irritation - maybe from the sexual activity, but more likely from the nature of the piercing it tries to ‘move’ forward on the top. Although it is quite common in Apadravya piercings, I think it could be further made worse by the sexual activity.

I have commonly treated hypertropic scar tissue with warm chamomile herbal tea soaks and found it to be very successful for people - give that a whirl, if you aren’t already. If you simply place the warm tea bag over the top of the piercing and let it ’soak’ into the tissue and relieve the scar that’s forming. It sounds like witch-craft, but the heat will promote more blood circulation and and the herbal nature of chamomile will soften the scar tissue up to hopefully allow your body to re-absorb it.

Make sure you don’t pick at the bump or try and remove it, it will just come back worse and worse. I would refrain from sexual activity until its under control, as not to make it worse.

This scaring is also more common in uncircumcised men as the foreskin ‘pushes’ the barbell forward when retracted, if you are uncircumcised I would suggest to try and keep your foreskin back. I have done this myself with hypoallergenic 3m tape with great success while I was stretching my PA.

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