White stuff?

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Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 1:49 AM

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I know it’s really hard (nearly impossible) to diagnoise a probelm over the internet, especially without being able to see it (I tried to get a picture, but the issue isn’t showing up on the camera). But I thought I’d try and see if anyone had an idea as to what my problem is.

I got my tongue peirced Friday, September 9th (today is Monday, September 12th) and it’s been like people have told me it would be like. Hard to eat, swollen and awkward - but today when I went to brush my teeth I noticed that the top of my mouth has turned almost a white colour. It’s like the pink colour of my tongue has faded from my tongue. When I tried to get it off with my toothbrush all that happened is the pattern of the white changed, like vacuuming a long carpet.

I use alcohol free Crest Pro Health Clean Mint (it’s blue) at 100% (not watered down) three times a day after eating and have been more water than normal (but have been drinking pop). I haven’t drank any alcohol, or aten any dairy products.

I am going to call my piercer tomorrow to see what she has to say since she’s not open today (of course!) but I wanted to see if I could get an idea as to what the problem was before hand, and whether I should be worried or not.

The white discoloration is totally normal, it usually occurs when you get a build up of dead skin cells. Usually they are ‘brushed off’ when your tongue rubs against the grooved top of your mouth, but with the swollen fresh piercing they just sit there instead.

I often recommend people to (gently!) brush the top of their tongue with a soft toothbrush daily to stop the build up and get it back to a normal tone. It can also be a sign of dehydration, which is also very possible, as many people drink much less fluids during the healing period.

Make sure you drink lots of water and give your tongue a soft brush when you brush your teeth. It should go away in a couple of days easy peasy.

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One Response to “White stuff?”

  1. Also you should try watering down the mouthwash. I had this same problem when my tongue was healing and part of the reason was the stronger mouthwash solution was creating more of those dead cells on the top of my tongue. After watering it down, it was less furry after a day or two. Also… Water ice is your friend. :) good luck!

    Apathy on May 21st, 2012 at 9:19 pm

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