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Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 1:17 AM

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What kind of piercing would better suit a woman with a labia minora on the bigger side? VCH or HCH. Also, what is the difference between the two? Sensation wise.

Labia minora size has no impact on a clitoral hood piercing so aesthetically, it would be what ever you find more visually appealing!

Bascially a VCH (vertical clitoral hood) goes underneath the hood and pops out the top of it, going up and down.

A HCH (horizontal clitoral hood) passes through the skin side-to-side of the hood.

As far as sensation goes, a VCH is generally considered more appealing as it will ‘touch’ the actual clitorous during stimulation - however this all depends on your anatomy and personal preference.

Your best bet is to go see a profesional piercer (with a good HEALED portfolio to show you first) and let them have a look at your anatomy and make sure that you are suited for the piercing first and get them to explain exactly where they would go on your body.

You can check out the BME Wiki list of all Female Genital Piercings also, to get a visual idea of how they are placed.

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