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Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 12:30 PM

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So I’m so keen to get the snoop piercing (horizontal surface piercing on top surface of the tongue…in appearance, looks like venoms) So just a few questions..

– 1. Is the scoop piercing just as prone to migration as any other surface piercing?

– 2. Piercings in the mouth are said to heal alot quicker than most others, does this include the scoop?

– 3. How long will it take to heal and will it cause a lisp?

**Any other info would be appreciated! And anyone who has/has had this piercing, how was your experience with it? Eg. Healing,infection, migration, etc.**


The main problem that people find with horizontal tongue piercings (and surface tongue piercings) is speech impedament after the procedure, even if you manage to get it to heal.

It has to do with the fact \that the piercing passes through both muscles of the tongue, effectively ’sticking’ them together. Movement and speech often causes the ends to dig, irritation and often migration.

Infection is a very rare in most piercings, especially oral piercings - as long as you follow correct after-care and stay clear of alcohol based mouth rinses.

The reason that super-rare piercings like these are so rare, is simply for the fact that they rarely heal well and even if they do most people find they have permanent speech issues.

Long story short - get venoms done instead. It will look basically identical, however will heal MUCH easier and will let you have a rad healthy healed tongue project for a long period of time to come.

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