Slightly wonky/askew septum piercing.

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Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 1:23 AM

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I had my septum pierced today and the piercer had trouble finding my sweet spot, when it was done she said it was slightly off and that the right side was slightly further forward. Although she said that i could have it done again for free if i wasn’t happy with it i thought id wait a while to see if it fixed itself. Do you think it will right itself as it heals or will it always be slightly wonky? I was going to upload a photo but you can’t see clearly in any i took that its slightly further forward on one side.

Septums are a tricky one to do! Especially if you have a small or thick ’sweet spot’.

Chances are it will stay slightly off when its healed, but I wouldn’t stress too much about it. If you are finding it hard to even take a photo to demonstrate that its off - i doubt that anyone will really notice!

You could try to ‘train’ it straight, but doing a warm saline soak and then holding the jewellery in the direction that you want it to move too. Over a couple weeks it will often stretch in that direction and become straighter - I have suggested this to a couple clients and have seen great results. Just don’t do it too hard and make sure its not hurting while you do it or you will cause irritation and could make things much worse.

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