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Wednesday May 16th, 2012 @ 2:24 AM

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I want to get Dahlia piercings in a few months, when I’ll finally be 18. I was wondering how the healing process is, like what’s normal and what I should watch out for. Also, would I be able to wear retainers or clear studs in them for school? And are there any extra risks other than the usual infections or scarring?

I have done a few sets of Dahilas in my studio before and find that they are more like cheek piericings in many ways. They do take longer to heal, require longer (and thicker) jewellery than labrets and can be more problamatic during the healing.

I wouldn’t suggest wearing any plastic (clear) jewellery in it for at least 2-3 months to let them fully heal. Often plastic jewellery will cause irritation and sometimes scar tissue to form. Perhaps you could get them while you are on a break so they are healed and happy for retainers when you go back.

As always, ask the piercer you found if they have HEALED photos in their portfolio and ask what length/gauge they used on them fresh and healed. Being a much rarer piercing than a normal lip, make sure you see someone that is familiar with the tissue and the correct inside placement.

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