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Wednesday May 16th, 2012 @ 2:18 AM

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I got my second frenum about 8 months ago. (its the red mark below the barbell) When i got it, the piercing was deeper (farther) in the skin that my first one, so when it was healing it was red and a little swollen, did the normal sea salt healing solution during the healing process. Everything healed nicely and well, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed my frenum jewelry started to migrate. Did not worry too much as my first one migrated a little and eventually stopped and hasn’t moved since. Yesterday i noticed that the skin above the jewelry for my frenum has drastically reduced (rejection?) there is very little skin left holding the piercing in. Also i hope my picture is clear enough, but there is hard white skin on the little skin remaining that would be covering the jewelry if it was in. Any clue as to what this is? Going to make a doc appointment for next week, but curious as to what steps to take before the appointment… On a side note there is no pain at all. Also in the pic i use to have a barbell in my second frenum, and it was agitating my skin because it was so tight (switched to a captive bead ring, and the agitation ceased) but it left a grayish skin color where the barbell was rubbing against my skin. Any clue how to get the skin color to return to normal? (All the jewelry I use/have used is surgical stainless steal which is cleaned then sanitized before use.) Thanks for the help.

What you are experiencing is refereed to as migration, when a healed piercing moves shallower through the skin. It often happens when a piercing is done in an incorrect placement or with incorrect thickness (gauge) jewellery.

I nearly never do shaft-frenum piercings as they quite often do this same thing, however on the odd chance that a customer really wants it - I personally don’t do them thinner than 8g to reduce the chance of it occurring (really anything 12g or thicker is fine).

My suggestion would be to either downsize the bar so its snug when you are erect, basically reducing the chance of getting it snagged or irritated further, or remove it and get a ‘traditional frenum’ piercing. They are piece just behind the glans pierced and usually have a much higher success of happy healing, without migration or rejection.

Also using titanium will help with migration as its 1/2 the weight of Surgical Steel and Hypoallergenic, meaning your body won’t see it as a foreign object.

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