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Wednesday May 16th, 2012 @ 1:56 AM

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I have had my tattoo for over a year and a half now. It is on my right foot. the heart part of it is still raised. when my skin gets super dry i feel like it contracts and my skin burns where the tattoo is still raised. So i put lots of lotion on it and then the next day it feels sort of scabby is there something wrong with it should i do something about it? should i be concerned?

When a tattoo is done, the skin is ‘opened’ and the ink is put in. The end result of this is the tattoo pigment healing under the skin, however it also results in a small amount of scar tissue to form. When a tattoo is done ‘too deep’ or over worked, often this scar tissue will be more than normal and can often cause the lines to appear blurry or blown-out.

As with any scar tissue, it will often raise when you are warm and can often become itchy too. Make sure that you aren’t scratching or irritating it, to relieve the itchyness. This will often ‘open up’ the skin and cause it to become scabby and irritated for a few days.

You could also try massaging the raised bit with pure vitamin E oil, to try and soften the scar tissue and allow it to slowly turn back to ‘normal’.

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