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Wednesday May 16th, 2012 @ 2:13 AM

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hey i had my lobes stretched to 00G a few years ago. i took them out and they shrunk up most of the way and i put 2 12 g rings in on each side and i pierced 2 more 12 g rings behind the previous holes. i was wondering if it would be possible to re-stretch the holes back to 00G? do the new rings not leave enough room?

You can totally stretch your first holes back up, however I would suggest to take out the second ones during the process.

They can put nu-necessary pressure on the stretching piercing causing it to potentially ‘change direction’, but more importantly I don’t know if there will be enough room to allow for the flare(s) of a tunnel.

You could always stretch them back to your desired size and then if you feel there is room, you could stretch the second ones back to 12g.

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