Unintentional VCH Stretching?

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Wednesday May 16th, 2012 @ 1:24 AM

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I am interested in getting a VCH and am “suited” for it, given the Q-tip test results. However, when I was asking a friend who is a piercer about the intricacies of such a piercing, he informed me that the piercings should be performed with a minimum jewelry size of 14g and that often the top ball will pull through, stretching the piercing. He also stated that unlike the earlobes, the hole remaining doesn’t shrink up at all. I planned on keeping the piercing for at least a couple of years, but don’t want it to become stretched past a 14g, or 12g at the absolute most due to aesthetic reasons. Is there any truth to the information he gave me? And if so, is there any way to avoid it?

My suggestion would be to get pieirced (and continue to wear) a correctly fitted titanium barbell. It’s light weight will nearly totally eliminate the natural stretching of the piercing.

I often put a 12 (or 10g) curved titanium barbell in a VCH with a disc on top, giving it more surface area and stops any indentation that can occur from a small ball.

Correct placement is also important with a healthy and happy VCH piercing, too shallow and it will have more of a chance of ‘opening up’ the hole.

As always, make sure that you find an EXPERIENCED artist to do your piercing. Check their HEALED portfolio for multiple examples of the piercing and make sure you are happy with how they look.

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